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Welcome to the Wimmera Mallee Tourism Toolkit. This online training toolkit is designed to help businesses in the Wimmera Mallee region to expand and grow, while serving in the tourism industry.

How to use this resource:

Download the workbook here and watch the training videos below. Print out the workbook and take notes. Follow the checklists and helpful tips provided for each topic. You can either go through each module in order or select and choose which training modules are useful for you and your business.

How-to-Leverage-Off-the-Silo-Art-Trail video
1. How to leverage off the Silo Art Trail With Janet (TRC Consultant)
Visual-Merchansing-&-Making-the-Most-of-Retail video
2. Visual Merchandising and Making the Most of Retail With Sarah Smith (Shopsmith Creative)
Destination-Marketing-and-the-Importance-of-Storytelling video
3. Destination Marketing and the importance of Storytelling Emily and Jarrod (StoryTowns Podcasts)
How-to-Grow-and-Develop-Tourism-in-Regional-and-Rural-Areas video
4. How to Develop and Grow Tourism in Regional and Rural Areas With Linda Tillman (Tilma Group)
How-to-Host-a-Successful-Event-in-Regional-Victoria video
5. How to Host a Successful Event in Regional Victoria With Emma Hall (Retro Events & Marketing)
How-to-Grow-Your-Business-Alongside-the-Local-Community video
6. How to grow your business alongside the local community With Phil Ore (25eight Consultants)
The-Importance-of-Accessible-Tourism-thumbnail video
7. The Importance of Accessible Tourism With Sparrowly Group
How-to-develop-digital-content-and-grow-your-online-audience-Part-1 video
8. How to develop digital content and grow your online audience - Part 1 With Chris Gillard (Oh, the Places You'll Go!)
How-to-develop-digital-content-and-grow-your-online-audience-Part-2 video
9. How to develop digital content and grow your online audience - Part 2 With Chris Gillard (Oh, the Places You'll Go!)